Personality Type and the Selective Attention Test

I read a Myers Briggs personality type article on Careers in Theory and it led me to a neat test on YouTube called the Selective Attention Test. Watch the video and see if you come up with the right answer. It only takes two minutes. I’ll wait:

I couldn’t believe it, so I asked my husband to take it. I was certain he would be surprised, too, but he got everything during his first viewing. How is that? This is the man who gets so focused on a task that it takes him a full 30 seconds to register anything else that happens in the room. I’m an Extravert with an off-the-scale Perceiving preference, which means I focus on the outside world and am very reactive to new things. How could I miss something so obvious? My husband is an ISTP and my complete personality type opposite, so I would think that if I didn’t catch something like that he certainly wouldn’t. It mystified me.

Forcing yourself to perform in an area of weakness can have odd consequences

I finally came up with a theory that makes sense to me. One of my weaknesses is that it’s very easy for me to get distracted. It’s practically impossible for me to concentrate on one solid effort for a long time – unless it’s using a strength, like public speaking. I was determined to get the right count, so I worked VERY HARD to focus on the video. I was so busy with overcoming a weakness that I overlooked something obvious which I never would have missed if I had been acting naturally.

Since my husband finds it easy to concentrate for a long time on one task, focusing on the video for two minutes was no challenge at all. Therefore, his could use more of his attention on everything going on.

Your Turn

Did you get the right answer? Did you miss the obvious? What’s your personality type? Tell me in the comments.

P.S. You can learn more about the video at this link (but don’t go until you’ve watched the video!).

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